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Sequoia Gateway Commerce and Business Park
The proposed project consists of a Specific Plan/Corrifor Plan for the development of a highway commercial/regional commercial center on +/- 126.9 acres at the southeast quadrant of State Route 99 and Avenue 280 (Caldwell Ave) in an unincorporated area of Tulare County. The project is proposed to be developed in two major pumps with associated convenience store, along with a 60,000 sf medical clinic building on approximately 12.4 acres in the northwest corner of the project site. Phase 2, consists of 986,000 sf of mixed-use commercial land uses including regional retail, hotel, office, restaurant, and fast-food uses on approximately 101.6 acres. Phase 2 will be developed in at least four incremental sub-phases, including additional highway commercial uses adjacent to Phase 1, hotel and restaurant uses, office uses, and regional retail uses. The remaining 12.9 acres would be used for a planned stormwater basin and wastewater treatment plant, along with roadway rights-of-way. Project development would occur in accordance with the detailed planning and design guidelines and standards set forth in the "Sequoia Gatewau Commerce Park Specific Plan" which is contained in Appendix A of the Draft EIR. Phase 1 would commence development in the near-term upon approval of entitlements and permits for that initial phase of development. Phase 2 would commence development at such future time as traffic capacity permits, or after the planned reconstruction of the State Route 99/Caldwell Ave Interchange, currently in the planning stages, is completed, and other pre-requisite criteria are met for moving forward with permitting and entitlements for that latter phase of development.
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Tulare County Sequoia Gateway Commerce and Business Park
Tulare County Sequoia Gateway Commerce and Business Park 9GPA 15-001, SP 18-001, PZC 18-016, DEV 18-001 PSP 18-092, SPS 18-092, TSM 18-001)
Tulare County Sequoia Gateway Commerce and Business Park
Tulare County Sequoia Gateway Commerce Park Project