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Chromium-6 Water Treatment System Project
The SWRCB, as the responsible agency, will be issuing a water supply permit. The Soquel Creek Water District, as the lead agency, will construct a new raw water pipeline from the District's Seascape well to the San Andreas well within the County right of way. This pipeline, with the help of an existing pipeline between the San Andreas well and the Bonita well, will deliver groundwater to a 2,000 gpm chromium 6 water treatment facility that will be constructed and include a pre-filtration, SBA-IX treatment system area, an electrical and control room, a chemical feed area, a restroom, and roll up doors. The regeneration system will include an 8,800 gallon brine/salt storage tank, a brine pump skid, and a vessel. The building will also house potential brine reduction technology. It is estimated 50,000 gallons of waste will be generated annually. Any Chromium-6 above 5 mgL will be hauled by a licensed hazardous waste hauler to a hazardous waste site. it is estimated that up to 40,000 gallons annually may be converted to a nonhazardous form which may be disposed of via sanitary sewer. A 300 kilowatt standby generator will also be installed at the site in an enclosure to reduce sound. Three 1,000 gpm 200 HP groundwater pumps at the Seascape well and the San Andres well, will be replaced, given the need, as a result of changes in pressure. The PG&E transformers and service lines will be upgraded at both sites. Cabinets and a steel enclosure for electrical services will also be replaced at teh Seascape well site. A new sewer main will be installed to run from the treatment facility to the Santa Cruz Sanitation District sewer system to dispose of wastewater and treated brine waste from the Project. The treatment facility will insure the drinking water is below the maximum contaminant level of 10 micrograms/liter for chromium 6. A new stormwater detention basin will also be installed, as required. The project will provide for the operation of these facilities.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Soquel Creek Water District Construction & Operation of a New Transmission Pipeline & Chromium 6 Treatment Plant
Soquel Creek Water District Chromium-6 Water Treatment System Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2016-0104-R3)
Soquel Creek Water District Chromium-6 Water Treatment System Project
Soquel Creek Water District Chromium-6 Water Treatment System Project