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Merge 56 Development Project
AMENDMENT TO PLANNED DEVELOPMENT PERMIT to increase the total entitled non-residential square footage from 525,000 square feet (SF) to 791,031 SF and a CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT to allow the child care center (previously added to the project through SCR 689700) to be located within 1,000 feet of research and development (R&D) uses that may use or store hazardous materials. The project includes a revised site plan for Units 4 and 10 that contains an updated mix of R&D, retail, hotel, and shopkeeper uses. The project site is zoned Commercial (CC-3-5), is designated for Local Mixed Use Center (LMXU), and lies within the Torrey Highlands Community Plan Area. The 12.72-acre amendment area (Unit 10 of Map No. 16433) and 5.96-acre-amendment area (Unit 4) are located south of State Route 56 (SR 56) at Camino Del Sur, West of Carmel Mountain Road. The project site is located in the Airport Land Use Compatibility Overlay Zone (ALUCOZ) for Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar and Airport Influence Area (AIA) Review Area 2 for the MCAS Miramar. Property is located within Council Districts 5 and 6.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of San Diego Merge 56 Amendment #2
City of San Diego Merge 56 EV
City of San Diego Merge 56 Development Project
City of San Diego Merge 56
City of San Diego Merge 56 (aka Merge 56 Development Project)
City of San Diego Merge 56 Planned Development Permit/Site Development Permit/Vesting Tentative Map/Rezone