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Merge 56 (aka Merge 56 Development Project)
The project is comprised of two components, a mixed use development and public roadway improvements. The mixed use development component would require a general plan amendment from commercial employment, retail and services; residential; and parks, open space and recreation to multiple use; a community plan amendment to redesignate the site from commercial regional and medium high density residential to local mixed use within the Torrey Highlands Subarea Plan; a rezone from regional commercial and multi family residential to community commercial and residential small lot; a planned development permit to amend PDP No. 53203; a site development permit to amend SDP No. 53204; A CUP to allow a cinema/theater greater than 5,000 sf in size; and a vesting tentative map to amend VTM No. 7938 to resubdivide from 3 lots to 100 lots (84 residential small lot zoned lots, seven community commercial zoned lots, five open space lots, and four lots for private drives) for construction of a 41.34 acre mixed use development project. The mixed use development would be comprised of approximately 525,000 sf of commercial, office, theater and hotel uses and 242 residential dwelling units (both multi family and single family). The project would also construct associated site improvements, storm drains/detention basins, internal private streets, hardscape, site walls, and landscaping. Various deviations are being requested from the CC-3-5 and RX-1-2 development regulations.
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City of San Diego Merge 56
City of San Diego Merge 56 (aka Merge 56 Development Project)
City of San Diego Merge 56 Planned Development Permit/Site Development Permit/Vesting Tentative Map/Rezone