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McCloud Water Distribution Project
The project consists of replacement of the majority of the water distribution infrastructure throughout the community of McCloud with an entirely looped distribution system. The existing Bypass Pipelines, Schreder Phase 1 and Boyle Subdivisions pipelines would not be replaced since they have been installed within the past 10 yrs, and are not in need of replacement). The proposed project includes abandoning the existing distribution system in place and replacing it with ~12 miles (62,800 linear ft) of 6 inch to 12 inch PVC pipe. Much of the existing pipeline is within paved roadways or gravel alleys. The project is intended to serve the existing and planned needs of the MCSD for municipal and fire protection needs. The proposed project will require two crossing of Squaw Valley Creek, 5 crossings of Panther Creek, 4 crossings of the McCloud River Railway and 3 of SR 89. Three transmission mains would connect to the 12 inch looped main and cross SR 89 to serve the southern area of the MCSD. The projecdt includes the installation of new fire hydrants throughout the MCSD. The distribution system is planned to be constructed in 4 separate phases, Phase 1 through Phase 4. The actual construction timeline and ultimate phasing will be dependent upon available funds and completion of design level engineering.
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McCloud Community Services District McCloud Water Distribution Project
McCloud Community Services District McCloud Water Distribution Project