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Menifee Valley Town Center - Specific Plan 334/Zone Change 6862
Specific Plan No. 334 proposes development of the site with a mixture of residential units, in several planning areas, with densities ranging from 6 to 20 units per acre, resulting in up to approximately 1,200 homes. The plan includes buffering of adjacent land uses at the eastern edge with an expansive open space corridor. The project would serve the immediate and surrounding community by providing a centrally located regional park. Additional amenities include reservation of and for a 12-acre public school site, if needed by the Menifee Union School District, and an extensive paseo system. If the District does not need this site, it will be developed with approximately 144 homes, at a density of 12 units per acre. This project would also help fund several street improvements in the immediate area, including the widening of Scott Road and Garbani Road. Haleblian Road would be paved. To the extent feasible, the applicant will direct traffic impact fees for improvements to the Scott Road/I-215 interchange, to help alleviate traffic congestion. Drainage from the southwestern part of the site will be carried across the site in a combination of buried box structures under roads and open trapezoidal channel/paseo systems in open areas. Drainage from the east will be conveyed through a drainage paseo system as well as captured and conveyed via aboveground and belowground systems across the site. The specific plan is based on the County's Community Center concept, in accordance with the recently adopted General Plan. Change of Zone No. 6862 proposes to change the existing Industrial Park classification for the entire property to Specific Plan No. 334.
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City of Menifee Extension of Time No. 2017-358, Extension of Time No. 2018-028, and Extension of Time No. 2019-012
Riverside County Menifee Valley Town Center - Specific Plan 334/Zone Change 6862
Riverside County Menifee Valley Town Center - Specific Plan 334/Zone Change 6862