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Capay Hills Golf Club
This project will install a diversion pump within the stream zone Cache Creek to provide additonal water to the exisitng Yocha-De-He Golf Course. Each year following initial construction of the pump foundation, this diversion pump will be removed each fall and reattached each spring. The diversion pump will consist of a removable prefabricated steel pump station that will be attached to a foundation with anchor bolts. The foundation will be constructed of 20 cubic yards of reinforced concrete with dowelled connections to the top of an existing rock formation. All construction and any subsequent removal and replacement of the pump and associated pipes and frames will be conducted during the low flow period and will be outside of the stream flow. The pump station includes two 1500 GPM centrifugal pumps. There will be two 12 inch diameter, screened, removable pump intake pipes, and two 10 inch diameterm removable, pump discharge pipelines installed on grade. Pumped water will be conveyed by pipeline to a storage tank located nearby on Trust Land, at the southeast corner of the golf course. A pump and pipeline system connected to the storage tank will supply irrigation water to the golf course, and is also capable of pumping water elsewhere on tribal property. The existing golf course irrigation supply pipeline empties into Five Pond, the headwater of the golf course northerly water feature stream. Water flows via gravity from Five Pond through water feature stream into North Lake. A pump station located on the southerly end of North Lake is used to recirculate water through Five Pond during the day. At night, the water is pumped into South Lake, which has an operational capacity of 110 acre ft. A pump station at the north end of South Lake (where it is blended with reclaimed water) irrigates the golf course. Two trees, one willow and one walnut, will be removed from the stream zone to construct the diversion pump foundation. Additionally, ~50 linear ft (an area of 2500 sf) of riparian schrubs and vines will be cleared to construct the diversion pump foundation.
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Yolo County Cache Creek Surface Water Diversion Pump
Yolo County Capay Hills Golf Club
Yolo County Capay Hills Golf Club