Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2004018158 California State University, San Francisco (SFSU) San Francisco State University Parkmerced Lot #42 Property Acquisition
2002052090 California Department of Transportation, District 3 Greenwood Creek Bridge Replacement Project
2004018157 California Department of Transportation, District 3 04-Son-1/04-Son-116, HA 04-1S3001, Storm Damage Repair
2004018153 California Department of Transportation, District 8 State Route 138 and Phelan Road Intersection Improvement, EA 0E190 SBd138 KP 4.2/5.2 (PM 2.6/3.2
2003111095 Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) Transfer of State Water Project Table A Water from Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District to Coachella Valley Water District
2003112093 Contra Costa Water District CALFED Old River Water Quality Improvement Project
2004012059 City of Dixon Leong Tentative Map
2004019015 California Energy Commission San Joaquin Valley Energy Center Power Plant Project
2000091085 City of Fontana Coyote Canyon Specific Plan
2004019017 City of Lincoln Addendum to the Public Facilities Element EIR for Jointer Bridge
2004011058 City of Los Angeles Florence and La Alameda Commercial Center
2003122018 Napa County Catlin Family Farm (Ranch 34) Vineyard Conversion and Driveway Project
2003112118 Napa Sanitation District Napa State Hospital Feed and Loop Pipelines and Reservoir Project
2004018152 Orange County Water District Recharge Study
2004018160 California Department of Parks and Recreation Facility Improvements
2004018161 California Department of Parks and Recreation Fencing of Pecked Curved Nucleated (PCN) Rock
2003062063 Placer County Alpine Knolls Subdivision (EIAQ-3677)
2004019016 Placer County Water Agency Annexation to Placer County Water Agency Zone NO. 1 of APN 023-221-020 and a portion of APN 023-221-017
2004012062 City of Rancho Cordova North Douglas
2003112103 City of Red Bluff Administrative Use Permit NO. 2003-005 and Design Review Approval, Home Depot
2004011056 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 8 (Santa Ana), Riverside TMDL for Sediment/Siltation and Implementation for Imperial Valley Drains
2004018159 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Pryshepa Illegal Disposal Site Remediation
2004019020 Riverside County EA 38327, TTM 30167, EA 38927 and TTM 31007 Within the Winchester 1800 Specific Plan No. 286
1990020076 Riverside County Concurrence in the Revision of Solid Waste Facility Permit #33-AA-0217, El Sobrante Landfill
2004019019 Riverside County Specific Plan No. 272 Amendment No. 1 and TTM 30330 Canyon Heights/Qual Valley Project for Forcast Homes
2003051020 Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation Perris Valley Channel Lateral "B" Stage 2, Mitigated Negative Declaration
2002052075 Sacramento County General Lease - Public Agency Use
2004019018 City of Sacramento Steamboat Bend Unit 2
2004012060 San Joaquin County PA-0300612
2003081116 City of San Marcos Palomar Station Specific Plan
2003022075 Sonoma County Concurrence in the issuance of a new Full Solid Waste Facility Permit No. 49-AA-0390 for the Global Materials Recovery Systems Large Volume Transfer/Processing
2003062080 Sonoma County Concurrence in the issuance of a revised Full Solid Waste Facility Permit No. 49-AA-0001 for the Central Disposal Site Landfill
1987032415 City of Stockton A. G. Spanos Construction, Inc. - Tentative Map Project
2004011057 University of California, Santa Barbara Education and Social Sciences Building
2003112122 Yuba County Water Agency Narrows 2 Powerplant Flow Bypass System Project
2004018154 Fish & Game #2 Pond Silt Removal
2004018155 Fish & Game #2 Flood Control Channel Silt Removal
2004018156 Fish and Game (HQ) Environmental Services Berthoud Street Drainage Extension