Tuesday, March 6, 2001

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2001032026 City of El Cerrito Mill and Lumber Project
2001031021 City of Los Angeles Gaffey Street Field of Dreams
2001038109 Mendocino County Science Building
1990020181 City of Modesto Fairmont Pointe Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map
1993042004 City of Modesto Conditional Use Permit for O'Brien Center
1992052017 City of Modesto Adoption of General Plan Amendment - Dual Use Flood Control/Parks Facilities and Design Standards Manual.
2001031023 Monterey County SPCA Horse Power (A990485)
2001031024 Orange County 2001 Housing Element Update IP00208
2000062105 Placer County Cold Stream Water Facility (EIAQ-3504)
2000122098 Placer County Water Agency Antelope Canal Rehabilitation Project
2001012026 Placer County Water Agency Ralston Switchyard Erosion Protection Project
1996082013 City of Sacramento 15th and 14th Streets (L to S Streets) Combined Sewer Relief CIP # XM63
1997052084 City of Sacramento Granite Food Court. POO-107
1997012055 San Joaquin County Council of Governments San Joaquin County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation and Open Space Plan
2001032062 Sonoma County Blue Rock Quarry Expansion PLP 97-0069 (UPE/ZCE) (see SCH #1991063058)
2001032025 City of Tracy Clean Chemical Systems
2001031020 City of Twentynine Palms TPFD Apparatus Storage Building
2001024004 United States National Park Service (NPS) Entrance Signs and Pullouts
2001042069 University of California, Davis Science Lab Building and Lecture Hall Facilities (tiered from SCH # 1994022005)