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Wolf Reservoir and Booster Replacement Project
The Project consists of the installation and operation of a new 612,000-gallon water storage reservoir tank that will replace the existing 100,000-gallon (24’ high, 24’ diameter) Wolf Reservoir. The project also includes replacing the existing pump station at the project site with a new Booster Pumping Station, including concrete block building and a metal roof. The new steel tank that will be approximately 36 feet in height and 58 feet in diameter. The project site will be graded and lowered about 8.5 feet to a base elevation of 7,406.66 feet above mean sea level (AMSL). The high-water line will be at an elevation of approximately 7,437.66 feet AMSL. Additionally, the portion of the existing access road located within the project site will be improved. The new welded steel tank will maintain about four feet of freeboard to protect the reservoir from sloshing damage during an earthquake. Also, the steel I-beam roof rafters will be constructed on the exterior of the roof to provide additional protection during an earthquake from sloshing damage. The proposed foundation system will be a reinforced concrete ring wall foundation system. The maximum safe soil bearing pressure for dead plus live loads will be 4,000 pounds per square foot (PSF). Associated site improvements will consist of new inlet/outlet piping, and drainpipes, installing a side outlet universal joint, new site pavement improvements, and chain-link fencing as needed to control potential trespass.
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City of Big Bear Lake Wolf Reservoir and Booster Replacement Project
City of Big Bear Lake Wolf Reservoir and Booster Replacement Project