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Well No 8
The Project would consist of the construction of a new potable water well for the community of Riverdale. The Project is intended to supplement the community’s water supply system by constructing a new well site and associated infrastructure including but not limited to: well pump, site piping and appurtenant infrastructure, motor control center and structure, electrical connection and transformer, emergency generator, chemical storage enclosure, a ponding basin for site drainage, site lighting, site grading, and site fencing. This Project will help address fire flow, system redundancy, pressure, looping concerns throughout the District, and provide additional drought resiliency for the community. The well Project site will be located on an approximately 1.8-acre parcel acquired by the District, located behind the Saint Ann Church on W. Mt Whitney Avenue on Assessor’s Parcel Number 053-260-21. Along with construction of the new well site, accompanying infrastructure will include the installation of new water mains and the replacement of an aging, undersized water main near the Project site and the existing Well No. 6 site. Approximately 6,200 linear feet of 10-inch water main will be constructed along W. Wood Avenue, S. Marks Avenue, W. Kruger Avenue, and S. Feland Avenue within the existing road right of way. The proposed water main alignment will replace the existing undersized 4-inch water main and provide a new stretch of 10-inch distribution main for better connectivity between Well 6 in the southeast area and the rest of the system. In order to connect the Project site to the distribution system, approximately 600 LF of 12-inch water main will be installed along the north side of the Burrel Ditch canal from S. Feland Avenue to the Project well site. The Project will also incorporate the construction of an onsite retention basin for site drainage. The basin will be constructed on the northwest portion of the well site. The basin will be designed per Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District design standards for a 100-year, 10-day storm (approximately 6 inches of rainfall depth) and will retain approximately 0.75 acre-feet of water. Drainage infrastructure will be constructed (inlets and piping) as needed for runoff and well flushing and will outlet to the basin. An additional basin will be constructed for the Church that is located north of the Project site since the new well site will take the area that property currently drains, this basin will have the same design criteria, with a total volume of 0.65 ac-ft. The design of the Well 8 site will be similar to Well 6 and Well 7 to be consistent with well infrastructure across the District. Based on prior studies and design of other wells in and around Riverdale, it is expected that Well 8 will be approximately 2,000 feet deep and be sealed down to a depth at least below the Corcoran Clay and will be designed with a desired pumping capacity of 1,350 gallons per minute. Arsenic, color, and Total Organic Carbon are expected to be present, but at levels below the current maximum contaminant level. While it is not anticipated that the water quality at the Well No. 8 site will require treatment, a portion of the site has been planned for future treatment facilities if the District needs additional treatment. The District has also planned space for a water storage tank should the system need additional operational storage capacity at any point in the future.
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