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Rubio Village Mixed-Use Project
The Rubio Village Mixed-Use Project (Project) would develop 3 buildings consisting of 225 multi-family residential units and approximately 13,449 square feet (SF) of commercial uses on an approximately 2.9 acre site. The Project would construct a total of 306,793 SF with 191,453 SF of residential uses (including amenities), 13,449 SF of commercial uses, and 101,891 SF of above-ground parking. Building A would be located north of the Rubio Wash, fronting East Live Oak Street. Building B would be located south of the Rubio Wash fronting Pine Street. Building C would be south of the Rubio Wash fronting South San Gabriel Boulevard. Building A would be a six-story building with 206 residential units, amenity spaces, two retail spaces, two restaurant spaces, and vehicle parking within two subterranean levels, the ground floor, and the second floor. Building B would be a two-story building with 3 three-bedroom townhouses. Building C would be a four-story building with 16 one-bedroom residential units and a restaurant space. Project approval would require an Amendment to Plan Development Overlay, Vesting Tentative Tract Map, Development Agreement, Precise Plan of Design, Master Sign Program, Public Art, Tree Removal Permit, Grading and Building Permits, and CEQA Clearance.
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City of San Gabriel Rubio Village Mixed-Use Project
City of San Gabriel Rubio Village Mixed-Use Project