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Project #U22-0031 (Thiara)
A Rezone of 16.12 acres from ER (Estate Residential District) to ER-PD (Estate Residential, Planned Development Combining District) and a Tentative Subdivision Map to create eight residential lots. The proposed parcels will range in size from 1.52 – 2.31 acres and with a proposed density of 0.5 dwelling units per acre. The project includes construction of a private roadway within a 40-foot street-section to access Parcels 2-8. The project proposes to subdivide the project site and construct the required subdivision improvements including roadway, drainage, and utilities, and does not propose construction of any dwellings. Homes to be constructed in the proposed subdivision would be considered under a future separate permit. The entrance into the subdivision is offset 60 feet from the right-of-way to accommodate the installation of a gate at a later date.
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Sutter County Project #U22-0031 (Thiara)
Sutter County Project #U22-0031 (Thiara)