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Pathways to College K-8 Charter School
Pathways to College (“Applicant”) has submitted to the City of Hesperia (“City”) an application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP, to construct a TK to eighth charter school (“Project”). The new school would house a total of up to 700 students, 60 school staff, and multiple school buildings and facilities, encompassing 10.03 acres of the approximately 26-acre Project Site in addition to the 1.79-acre shallow infiltration basin to be developed. As show in Figure 3, Conceptual Site Plan, the main school building would be placed in the northwestern end of the Project Site with frontage onto 3rd Avenue and Mojave Street. Entrance to the building would be from the northern end of the building, which faces Mojave Street. The main building is a one story (approximately 20 feet in height) concrete tilt-up building and comprises 21,400 square-feet of floor space featuring the TK and Kindergarten classrooms, a multipurpose room, school library, school kitchen, science room, janitorial and storage rooms, teacher lounges and workspaces, restrooms, administrative and health offices, and reception area. The portion of the building that would be occupied by the multipurpose room would be the tallest element of the building (approximately 30 feet), as it would feature a high ceiling for the proposed indoor basketball court. Aside from basketball games, the multipurpose room would host other sporting and special events, such as volleyball games, assemblies, and graduation ceremonies. The remaining classrooms for first to eighth graders would be developed as classroom pods (total of six to be placed east of the main building), with each pod featuring six 24-foot by 40-foot relocatable modular classroom buildings (36 modular buildings would be provided). Each pod would feature a centralized courtyard with seat walls/raised planters and walkways. Two stand-alone 24-foot by 40-foot relocatable modular classroom buildings would be provided between the main building and the northwestern pod. Two relocatable modular restroom buildings and a few storage containers would be provided near the classroom pods. A six-foot high galvanized chain link fence would be provided on the south side of the Project Site, a six-foot high tubular steel fence with split-face columns on the north side adjacent to Mojave Street, and a six-foot high tubular steel fence with a two-foot high split-face block at the base on the east side facing Hesperia Road. Other Project components include campus amenities and facilities; vehicular access and circulation improvements (both on- and offsite); surface parking areas and drive aisles; pedestrian access and circulation improvements; various landscape, hardscape, and lighting improvements; and infrastructure and utility improvements. School campus hours would be from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm for student instruction, from Monday through Friday during normal school months, with occasional events deviating from the standard hours.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Hesperia Pathways to College Charter K-8 School Hesperia (California Endangered Species Act Incidental Take Permit No. 2081-2022-029-06 (ITP))
City of Hesperia Pathways to College K-8 Charter School
City of Hesperia Pathways to College K-8 Charter School