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Flood Damage Repair Project
The City of Redding (City) is proposing the Flood Damage Repair Project in the City of Redding, Shasta County, California. In January 2017, heavy rains and severe flooding caused water to overtop embankments along the Sacramento River and local streams, damaging various parks and trails. The purpose of the project is to repair flood-damaged areas within City park and trail areas so that pre-flood design, function, and capacity (in-kind) is achieved. The project is needed so that pedestrians and bicyclists can continue to use the park and trail areas for recreation purposes. The project is led by the City and has received funding assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA No. PA-09-CA-4301-PW-00936) to complete the project. The project consists of twelve work sites, located in four recreational areas: Turtle Bay East, Parkview Park, Blue Gravel Mine Trail, and Enterprise Park. The project will repair seating and viewing areas; as well as trail surfaces, trail embankments, and culverts. Work will include vegetation removal, demolition, excavation, grading, sediment removal, culvert cleaning, erosion repair, culvert installation, and placement of rock slope protection. Work will occur on City property or within easements. Construction is anticipated to take one season and will be completed in the fall of 2023.
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City of Redding Flood Damage Repairs Project
City of Redding Flood Damage Repair Project
City of Redding Flood Damage Repair Project
City of Redding Flood Damage Repair Project