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Aragon High School Baseball and Flex Fields Project
Reconfiguration of the existing baseball field into a 99,500 sq. ft. artificial-turf baseball and flexfield. The flexfield would be used for football and soccer practices. Accessory facilities and elements for the proposed field include: • batting cages, • baseball diamond, • partial football/soccer field striping, • bullpens, • dugouts, • 30’ high backstop with 3’ high planking and padding, • sideline and outfield fencing, • 5-row bleachers on pavement (200-person capacity) • sports lighting (lights on eight poles [6x70 feet high and 2x80 feet high]) • benches, and ADA accessible walkways The turf would be typical polypropylene turf with olive-pit fill. The turf would include four components: fiber, infill, backing and underlayment. The proposed project would include power to existing switchgear, connections to the existing onsite water line, and connection to the existing onsite storm drain. There would be no change in student enrollment or staffing from the proposed project. The speaker location for the portable sound system would be behind the backstop. No trees would be removed or planted with the proposed project. 10,000 cubic yards (CY) of cut plus an additional approximately 6,000 CY of imported fill would be used onsite to level the site. The 135,800 sq. ft. project site is currently all pervious surfaces. With the project, the site would have 12,879 sq. ft. of impervious surfaces (concrete/asphalt), 99,500 sq. ft. of turf (which has a subsurface drainage system), and 23,421 sq. ft. of landscaping/other. The project site perimeter drain would connect to the existing storm drain onsite which flows to the City’s storm drainage system under Alameda de la Pulgas.
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San Mateo Union School District Aragon High School Baseball and Flex Fields Project
San Mateo Union School District Aragon High School Baseball and Flex Fields Project