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Derrel’s Mini-/RV- Storage and Business Park (GPA 22-004, PZC 22-003)
The applicant is requesting to change the County’s land use designation within the County Adopted Urban Area Boundary (CAUAB) of Visalia, from “Agriculture” to “Service Commercial” on 49.0 acres. The applicant also requests a change of zone from R-O (Single Family Estate) to C-3-MU (Service Commercial with Mixed Use Overlay) on the same 49.0-acre parcel. The applicant proposes to submit a tentative parcel map to divide the property into nineteen (19) parcels: 60% for proposed Mini Storage and eighteen (18) commercial lots. The proposed Project site is located approximately 0.58-mile north of the City of Visalia. In addition to mini-storage structures, the Project would include recreation vehicle (RV) storage and resident manager housing; and a future business park consisting of 18 parcels. The proposed use is not allowed in the R-O Zone; therefore, the Project will require a change of zone to the C-3-MU zone. The Project will include a water feature fronting SR 63, access from SR 63, and on-site storm water retention basin.
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Tulare County Derrel's Mini-/RV-Storage and Business Park, GPA 22-004 & PZC 22-003
Tulare County Derrel’s Mini-/RV- Storage and Business Park (GPA 22-004, PZC 22-003)