SCH Number 2022060057

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480/490 S. Mathilda Avenue and 355 W. Olive Avenue
The project proposes to demolish the existing 13,543-square foot office building and 6,212-square foot commercial building on-site and construct an approximately 127,886 square-foot, four-story office building over two levels of below ground parking. The proposed office development would have an approximate Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2.34 and is located on an infill site within a transit priority area. The project includes a Development Agreement as authorized by the DSP for the project to contribute to a community benefit fund that would allow for the proposed additional office square footage of 80,226 and additional height of 18.5 feet; therefore, the City has concluded no amendment to the General Plan or Specific Plan is required. As the proposed building would cross the property line between two separately-owned parcels, the owners would be required to enter into and record a lot tie agreement wherein they would agree to hold the parcels as one parcel for the life of the project.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Sunnyvale 480/490 South Mathilda Avenue Office Project
City of Sunnyvale 2021-7280 2021-7281 480,490 S Mathilda 355 W Olive Office Project
City of Sunnyvale 480/490 S. Mathilda Avenue and 355 W. Olive Avenue