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Woodlake Holdings Industrial Park
The Project Applicant intends to expand an existing industrial area by developing a 113-acre industrial center that will house various industrial uses allowable by the zone district, including cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution and retail, which is allowable with a Conditional Use Permit. Project Components • Constructing and operating an industrial park with seventeen buildings ranging in size of 75,000 sf to 87,000 sf for a total of up to 1,500,000 sf of industrial space. • Constructing internal access roads, 700 parking spaces and associated landscaping, as detailed on Figure 4 – Site Plan. • Connecting the Project to the existing City water, wastewater, and storm drain systems. Any grow operations will utilize the existing well connection for water. • Installation of perimeter security, including lighting and an alarm system, in accordance with Chapter 5.48 of the Woodlake Municipal Code. • Constructing three new ponding basins of 7.93 Ac ft, 8.42 Ac ft, and 16.42 Ac ft. Construction will begin in 2023 and will continue to buildout as the market demands. The site will operate from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. The facility’s electrical needs will continue to be serviced by existing Southern California Edison connections that have been assessed as sufficient for full operation of allowable industrial uses, including indoor/mixed light cannabis cultivation. Once a business is established, water needs for the grow houses will be serviced by existing deep-water wells while water needs for the distribution facilities and sanitary facilities will be provided by the City. Stormwater will be kept on-site and wastewater will be connected to the City’s existing system. To accommodate this Project, the following entitlements are required: • General Plan Amendment to change the designation of 61 acres from Urban Reserve to Industrial • Conditional Use Permit to operate under a Cannabis Business License (Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, Testing and Distribution) for cannabis businesses • Lot line adjustment as per the City’s requirements • Tentative Parcel Map to divide the existing parcel into 21 separate parcels.
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City of Woodlake Woodlake Holdings Industrial Project
City of Woodlake Woodlake Holdings Industrial Park
City of Woodlake Woodlake Holdings Industrial Park Project
City of Woodlake Woodlake Holdings Industrial Park