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Blythe Avenue Recharge Basin Project
The Proposed Project involves one phase of construction including two groundwater recharge basin facilities. The recharge water will be recovered in dry years, for use in the District efforts to achieve groundwater sustainability. Basins Construction of the project will include equipment mobilization, excavation of earthwork for recharge basins, and construction of basin perimeter berms at both sites. Project components could include constructing ponds/cells within the two separate basins, as well as performance testing and demobilization. Depth of cut is estimated to be in the range of 3 to 6 feet, with an estimated volume of 100,000 cubic yards of material, which will be excavated and compacted on site. New berm construction would not exceed six feet in height, measured from the exterior toe to the top of new berm. The Project will also require modification or replacement of existing structures and a flow measurement standpipe structure. Pipelines There are two tie-in locations to the existing Turner Ditch canal. One proposed 500-foot-long pipeline will connect the southern property to the canal. Additionally, a 50-foot pipeline will connect the northern property. Diameter of the pipelines will be 60 inches or less. Turnouts The proposed project will include two turnouts with capacity for 35 cfs. The project will also include a proposed flow measurement standpipe structure.
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Riverdale Irrigation District Blythe Avenue Recharge Basin
Riverdale Irrigation District Blythe Avenue Recharge Basin Project