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Silverado Canyon Bridge (No. 55C-0177) Replacement Project
Orange County Public Works, in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is proposing to replace the Silverado Canyon Road Bridge (Bridge No. 55C-0177) over Silverado Creek. The Silverado Canyon Road Bridge is located in Silverado Canyon surrounded by the Cleveland National Forest. The existing bridge is a single span and crosses over Silverado Creek. The proposed Project will replace the existing substandard steel bridge; a portion of the construction funding is provided by the Highway Bridge Program (HBP). The proposed replacement structure as of date is a single span prestressed, precast concrete voided slab girder bridge. The bridge will be raised approximately three feet to increase hydraulic conveyance. However, the bridge will only be able to pass the approximate 5-year storm event. Raising the bridge higher would greatly impact residents to the east of the bridge. The abutments, similar to the existing bridge, will be set on spread footing foundations. Bridge barriers will be side mounted open metal railing, Type ST-70SM. The replacement bridge will have 12-foot wide lanes and will include a 4-foot shoulder on the north side and 6-foot shoulder on the south side, for a minimum total barrier to barrier width of 34 feet. There are no nearby pedestrian facilities or future plans to place sidewalks along Silverado Canyon Road, but portions of Silverado Canyon Road have sufficient dirt shoulders to provide room for pedestrians. To keep with the rural setting, there will not be sidewalks on the bridge. Silverado Creek is an intermittent stream that flows west under the existing bridge. The narrow road and limited right of way requires the replacement structure be placed in the same location as the existing structure. There is no viable detour available. The bridge will be replaced utilizing staged construction with approximately ½ the bridge replaced in each stage. The existing 4 girder bridge allows half the bridge to be removed, supporting the remaining half on two girders. Contractor staging areas are limited. The contractor may stage on the closed portion of the existing road approaches. Additional staging locations may need to be utilized. Utilities include a waterline attached to the south side of the bridge and overhead telecommunication lines which cross the bridge diagonally. The overhead telecommunication lines will need to be relocated temporarily for construction. The waterline will need to be relocated to the new bridge. Typical equipment for roadway construction would include heavy construction earthmoving equipment, dump trucks and pavers. Typical bridge construction equipment would include cranes, excavators, rock hammers, generators, and concrete pumps.
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Orange County Silverado Canyon Road Bridge (#55C0177) Replacement Project (Project) (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMS-ORA-23724-R5)
Orange County Silverado Canyon Bridge (No. 55C-0177) Replacement Project