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Creekview Ranch Subdivision (PLN21-00130)
The proposed project would generally include subdivision of the project site to develop a total of 597 single-family lots in four distinct neighborhoods with 10 villages comprised of a range of lot sizes. Associated improvements would include parks, trails, landscaping, and utility installation. Circulation system improvements would include three new gated entries along PFE Road and Antelope Road, which would connect to an internal system of private roadways. The proposed project would require County approval of a General Plan/DCWPCP Amendment; Rezone; Vesting Large Lot Tentative Map; Vesting Phased Tentative Subdivision Map; Conditional Use Permit; Variance to the setback, lot coverage, lot width, height, and parking standards for the proposed residences; and three service area annexations.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Placer County Community Development Resource Agency Creekview Ranch FEIR
Placer County Creekview Ranch North Project
Placer County Creekview Ranch South Project
Placer County Creekview Ranch Subdivision (PLN21-00130)
Placer County Creekview Ranch Subdivision (PLN21-00130)
Placer County Creekview Ranch (PLN21-00130)