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Narrows 2 Intake Debris Removal Project
The Project will remove debris from the intake for the Narrows 2 Powerhouse at the base of the dam to maintain adequate water flows used for hydroelectric power generation, agricultural water supply, recreational uses, and fish habitat in the Yuba River. The Project Area comprises approximately 1.67 acres of land surrounding the Narrows 2 Powerhouse intake structure immediately upstream of Englebright Dam that includes the following: the debris removal area in the lak;the powerhouse intake platform; the steep rocky lake slope between the access road and lake water line; two storage/staging areas totaling 0.45-acre, approximately 250 feet west of the debris removal location, and a dirt boat ramp approximately 1,150 feet northeast of the debris removal location for potential boat access if personnel are needed to guide equipment from the land via visual from the lake. Project activities include removing an estimated 175 cubic yards of woody debris from below the lake waterline using a land-based excavator equipped with a clamshell bucket, or similar equipment staged on the 15-foot-wide gravel access road near the powerhouse intake structure. Debris will be excavated from the lake and placed into dump trucks for subsequent stockpiling in the debris storage/staging areas. Stockpiled debris would be dried and burned onsite under a non-agricultural burn permit issued by Feather River Air Quality Management District (FRAQMD). The only potential ground disturbance would be scraping the upper few inches of gravel and soil within portions of the two debris storage/staging areas during debris.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Yuba County Water Agency Narrows 2 Debris Removal Project (Lake Alteration Agreement EPIMS Notification No. YUB- 19673-R2)
Yuba County Water Agency Narrows 2 Intake Debris Removal Project
Yuba County Water Agency Narrows 2 Intake Debris Removal Project