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Core5 Rider Business Center Project
The applicant for the proposed Project is requesting approval from the City of Perris to demolish the existing structures on the 11.17-acre site, which consists of three single-family residential and ancillary structures, pavement, and infrastructure; and construct an approximately 248,483 SF light industrial nonrefrigerated warehouse building, parking lot, ornamental landscaping, and associated infrastructure. The building would be single-story and approximately 44 feet tall, and include a mezzanine, loading docks, and associated vehicle and truck trailer parking spaces. The building would provide approximately 238,483 SF of warehouse space and approximately 10,000 SF of associated office space. The Project would include a street front building setback of 20 feet along Wilson Avenue, a street side building setback of 10 feet to the south, a street front and side landscaped setback of 25 feet along East Rider Street, and a rear setback of 20 feet. The Project would also include two outdoor employee break areas, including a half basketball court and shaded seating area. Truck loading docks and trailer parking would be along the eastern side of the building oriented toward Wilson Avenue. The Project would include 32 loading docks, including one 31 dock high doors and 1 drive through door. Approximately 28 truck trailer spaces would be provided within an area enclosed by sliding gates. The proposed Project would also provide 170 passenger car parking spaces, including 10 ADA spaces. Pursuant to Section of the 2019 California Green Building Standards Code (CCR, Title 24, Part 11- CalGreen), eighteen of the parking spaces will be designated for low-emitting, fuel efficient, and carpool/vanpool vehicles, 10 of which would be electric vehicle-only spaces. Pursuant to Section of the CalGreen Code, 10 parking spaces will provide equipment for the charging of electric vehicles. Additionally, 5 bicycle spaces will be provided. An 8-foot high retaining wall is proposed along Wilson Avenue to screen on-site trailers from public view. The proposed Project would retain the existing fencing along the southern and western perimeters. The proposed Project includes approximately 60,878 square feet of drought tolerant ornamental landscaping that would cover 12.5 percent of the site. Access to the proposed Project would be provided via one driveway from East Rider Street and two driveways from Wilson Avenue. Truck circulation is proposed to enter and exit the Project site from the northern and southern driveways on Wilson Avenue, with no truck assess from the East Rider Street driveway. The Project applicant would install onsite water lines that would connect to the existing 8-inch diameter water line in Wilson Avenue, and would install an onsite sewer system that would connect to the existing 12-inch diameter sewer line in East Rider Street. A proposed water infiltration/detention basin would be located along the northeastern boundary of the site, adjacent to Wilson Avenue near the intersection of East Rider Street. The proposed basin would be approximately 1,438 square feet in size and provide retention and infiltration of the proposed Project's stormwater drainage. Overflow from the basin would be discharged into a bio-filtration unit and treated before continuing into the existing storm drain in Wilson Avenue. The Project is anticipated to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The proposed Project would include construction of a sidewalk along East Rider Street. The Project would be operated as an industrial business center. Typical operational characteristics include employees and customers traveling to and from the site, delivery of materials and supplies to the site, truck loading and unloading, and manufacturing activities. Discretionary actions required for the Project include Development Plan Review and Tentative Parcel Map Approval.
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City of Perris Core5 Rider Business Center Project NOD
City of Perris Core5 Rider Business Center Project