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Whitmore Villa Residential Development
The proposed project would introduce new residential uses to the project site through the construction of Whitmore Villa, a 63-unit condominium development in 11 buildings with attached and subterranean garages. The 63 proposed units would have an average size of approximately 1,320 square feet each, for a total livable area of approximately 82,707 square feet. The two-story units, with and without attached garages, would total 40 two-bedroom units and 23 three-bedroom units. Between three and nine units are in each of the 11 separate buildings, which are centered around internal driveways and common areas. Private yards with low walls (±42 inches high) would front the sidewalk on New Avenue and Whitmore Street. Units along New Avenue and Whitmore Street would have both internal and street-facing entrances. Units directly abutting each other in the interior of the development would include private patios with 6-foot fences between units. The development would also construct 166 parking spaces, including 46 enclosed garage parking spaces, 8 surface parking spaces, and 112 underground garage parking spaces. Access would be provided from New Avenue via two west-facing driveways at the center and southern edge of the project site, and from Whitmore Street via a north-facing driveway at the northeast corner of the project site. Existing driveways would be removed, and new driveways would be installed.
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City of Monterey Park Whitmore Villa Residential Development
City of Monterey Park Whitmore Villa Residential Development