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McKay Community Forest Trail Plan
The proposed project would establish a trail network with approximately 31 miles of multi-use roads, multi-use trails, hiking trails, and mountain bike trails within the McKay Community Forest located southeast of Eureka. The purpose of the project is to create a place for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to enjoy walking, hiking, mountain-biking, wheeling (in mobility devices), horseback-riding, learning, and connecting with the natural world. The Trail Plan describes the overall goals, objectives, guiding principles, design standards, and construction practices for building sustainable trails. Initial access points include Northridge Road, Harris Street, and Redwood Acres. Amenities include signs, restrooms, benches, and trash receptacles. Construction activities include vegetation clearing, removing stumps and roots, grading and surface preparation, forming the trailbed, placing and compacting the trail surface, forming drainage features, re-vegetation, and bridge installation. Ongoing maintenance activities include trail surface maintenance, erosion control, vegetation management, and repairing short-cuts. This document (6-2-2022) supersedes the previous version (December 2020).
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Humboldt County McKay Community Forest Trail Plan
Humboldt County McKay Community Forest Trail Plan
Humboldt County Bridge Installations for Trails in McKay Community Forest Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMS-HUM-16247-R1)
Humboldt County McKay Community Forest Trail Plan