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The project proposes a commercial cannabis cultivation operation consisting of outdoor cannabis cultivation in three existing outdoor cultivation areas, mixed-light cannabis propagation and cultivation in four proposed greenhouses, and processing in an existing barn. Two temporary hoop houses totaling 5,040 square feet would be used beginning upon issuance of a use permit for the project and ending upon issuance of building permit(s) for the four greenhouses. A hoop house would be located on each of two existing earthen greenhouse pads on-site. Cultivation in the hoop houses is not included as part of normal project operations. The project would occupy approximately 2.39 acres of the 171.55-acre parcel, including 89,589 square feet for the total footprint of the outdoor cultivation areas (i.e., the areas enclosed by fencing), 13,600 square feet for the four new greenhouses and walkways between the greenhouses, and 1,750 square feet for the barn. The project includes approximately 5,040 square feet of ground disturbance for two new earthen greenhouse pads. The operation would employ five staff year-round, including two full-time employees and three part-time employees. The site would be closed to the public and would not contain any retail components. The proposal includes the use of an existing 1,750-square foot barn for cannabis processing activities and for non-cannabis storage, a proposed ADA-compliant restroom in the on-site residence (the existing restroom is not ADA-compliant), and site improvements, including designation of 11 parking spaces, construction of an emergency access vehicle turnaround, and widening the existing on-site gravel driveway. Project construction activities include grading for two of the greenhouse building pads and construction of the four proposed greenhouses. Project grading activities would include a cut of approximately 1,100 cubic yards (CY).
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Sonoma County Oat Valley Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement Project (No. 1600-2019-0207-R3)
Sonoma County UPC17-0097
Sonoma County UPC17-0097