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Septic to Gravity Sewer Conversion Project
The proposed Project involves installing sewer mains and laterals to help transfer existing residences from septic systems to the City’s sewer system. The Project would install approximately 670 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch sewer main and 4-inch laterals within Pasadena and Medford Avenue from Deodar Street to the west. The Project also replaces the outdated 6” water main and laterals within Deodar Street, Medford Avenue, and Pasadena Avenue. The proposed 8” water main would connect at 17th Street approximately 210’ west of Deodar Street, install 1420 LF of 8” water main at Deodar Street, and install an additional 670 LF in Medford and Pasadena Avenue. The Project would install a total of 2,300 LF of 8” water main and transfer 50 properties from City of Tustin water to the City of Santa Ana. The improvements would include replacement of curb and gutter, driveways, street asphalt and other infrastructure where necessary. Construction of the Proposed Project is anticipated to start in 2021 with an approximate duration of nine months. Construction of the sewer and water improvements would occur concurrently.
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City of Santa Ana Septic to Gravity Sewer Conversion Project
City of Santa Ana Septic to Gravity Sewer Conversion Project