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PA-1900286 Site Approval and PA-2000077 Specific Plan
A Specific Plan application to amend the Wilcox Road Specific Plan which was originally adopted in 1977. The Wilcox Road Specific Plan established exact locations and width reserved for future public right-of-way and the construction of any improvements that are not road-related in the planned right of way is not permitted. The amendment proposes to remove from the road plan the section of Wilcox Road (undeveloped) beginning on the south side of Cherokee Rd. and continuing south for approximately 1,800 feet (ending at the terminus of the developed portion of Wilcox Rd. off of St Rt. 88 (Waterloo Road). In addition, the amendment will remove from the road plan a 500 foot section of Ad Art Road (undeveloped) off of Wilcox Road as shown on the site plan. These portions of the Wilcox Road Specific Plan and its future right-of-way prevents development of the parcel that is the proposed site of the Site Approval project described below. This Specific Plan application is being processed concurrently with a Site Approval application for a facility that will lease and sell semi-trailers. The project includes parking for 622 trailers and the construction of an 8,539 square foot building; 3,421 square feet of the building will be for office operations and 5,118 square feet will be for trailer maintenance. Only fleet semi-trailers will be maintained at the facility. The parcel is served by public services for water, sewer, and storm drainage. Access is proposed at the south end of the parcel, off of Wilcox Road and Waterloo Road. The site for the proposed project is currently bisected lengthwise on the road plan for the planned, undeveloped section of Wilcox Road addressed in the Specific Plan application. (Use Type: Truck Sales & Services-Sales).
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Joaquin County PA-1900286 - 1-Year Time Extension for a previously approved Site Approval permitting the leasing and sales of truck semi-trailers.
San Joaquin County Site Approval No. PA-1900286 and Specific Plan No. PA-2000077
San Joaquin County PA-1900286 Site Approval and PA-2000077 Specific Plan