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Anderson Park Village Consolidation Planning Project
The project includes abandonment/demolition of a small community public water system serving the Anderson Park Village apartment complex property, extension of City water service to the apartment complex, and improvements to the City's Volonte Well. The existing well on the apartment complex property was drilled in the mid-1960s and is deteriorating. There are no backflow prevention devices, resulting in the potential for contamination hazards due to cross connections. The existing well pump would be removed and the existing well would be abandoned; the vault would be backfilled and the area paved with asphalt to match existing grade. The existing hydropneumatics tank and appurtenant improvements would be removed, and the existing waterline between the well and the tank would be capped and abandoned in place. The apartment complex would be connected to the City's public water system by installing a new 2-inch water service and backflow prevention device on the apartment complex property. A new ±50-foot waterline would be installed from the apartment complex to the City's existing water main in Bruce Street. These improvements would ensure a safe and reliable water supply for residents in the apartment complex and comply with the Shasta County Environmental Health Department's recommendation to obtain an alternative water supply for the apartment complex.
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State Water Resources Control Board, Divison of Financial Assistance Anderson Park Village Consolidation Planning Project
City of Anderson Anderson Park Village Consolidation Planning Project