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2075 Williams Street Industrial Project
Currently, the project site is developed with and operates as a solid waste transfer and recycling facility. The existing facility is currently permitted to process a maximum of 174 tons per day of inert construction and demolition debris.The proposed project would modify operations of the facility to increase the maximum tonnage of materials that could be received and processed. Under the proposed project, maximum daily tonnage would increase from 174 tons per day to 350 tons per day.The proposed increase in maximum daily tonnage of materials accepted at the transfer station would not require physical expansion or new construction of the facility. However, the project would involve replacement of existing concrete jersey block walls along the perimeter of the project site and between material storage areas on-site. These existing walls would be replaced with new walls pursuant to current CBC.
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City of San Leandro 2075 Williams St. Industrial Project
City of San Leandro 2075 Williams Street Industrial Project