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E Reservoir Replacement and Pump Station
In accordance with its 2017 Potable Water Master Plan (VID 2018), the Vista Irrigation District (VID) is proposing the replacement of the existing oval shaped, partially buried, 1.5-million-gallon (MG) E Reservoir with a new reservoir and construction of a new pump station (proposed project). The proposed project would implement an adopted plan for facility improvements. The Potable Water Master Plan identified seven projects along with their cost estimates in their Capital Improvement Program, including all components of the proposed project. These projects would allow VID to provide service to the expected 158,627 people that the service area is expected to contain by 2040. The project is located on a 1.88-acre property comprised of one parcel (Assessor’s Parcel Number 174- 240-33) located at 2558 Edgehill Road in unincorporated County of San Diego, California, just east of the City of Vista. The new reservoir would increase storage capacity and provide VID with a facility that meets applicable current codes and standards. The new pump station would provide a redundant water supply to higher-pressure zones within VID’s service area when disruptions occur to primary water supplies. The project would require the demolition of the existing E Reservoir and accessory facilities. Within a similar footprint, the proposed project would construct a cast-in-place hexagonal shaped structure that would increase the on-site capacity to approximately 2.92 MG, which is a 1.42 MG net increase. The hexagonal shape would allow for more easily maintained water quality. The proposed project would also construct a new water pump station. The pumps, control panel, and other electric and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) equipment would be housed in an aboveground structure with approximate dimensions of 20 feet by 38 feet that would match the architectural features of the existing adjacent pressure reducing station (PRS) facility.
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Vista Irrigation District E Reservoir Replacement and Pump Station
Vista Irrigation District E Reservoir Replacement and Pump Station