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Clayton Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment
The applicant, CEMEX Construction Materials Pacific, LLC (CEMEX) (2365 Iron Point Road, Suite 120 Folsom, CA 95630, (916) 521-0222), is requesting approval of a revised Reclamation Plan (County File #’s CDLP15-02030 and 31), which includes the following components: • Reclamation over an anticipated period of 47 years to a post-mining land use of open space; • Reduction of the surface mining disturbance footprint relative to the approved reclamation plan that leaves the east rim of the quarry intact, providing a visual buffer between the quarry and view sheds to the east; • Permanent overburden fill areas; • Final grading contours reflecting a maximum depth of excavation at elevation 110 feet above mean sea level (msl) with finish slope angles that achieve adequate factors of safety; • A final drainage plan that provides for the quarry pit to slowly fill with stormwater following reclamation to form a quarry lake with a controlled outflow that conveys stormwater to natural drainage courses and man-made drainage facilities; • Removal of facilities, structures and equipment associated with mining; • Revegetation of the quarry east rim, overburden fill areas, and processing plant site to a combination of chaparral and grassland habitats that feature California native seed mixes; • Elimination of requirements to backfill, grade, and compact the quarry floor and benches, given that the planned open space end use would provide for a future quarry lake; • Clarification of pre-Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) (1976) disturbance areas, including any areas disturbed outside the boundaries of the approved reclamation plan; • A tree permit request to remove 79 out of 123 existing trees, to be replaced with 400 foothill pine trees that would form a tree screen along the quarry east rim; • Compliance with current State reclamation standards to be achieved during reclamation; • An exception request to Division 914 of the Contra Costa Code of Ordinances (Offsite Collect and Convey requirement). In addition, and in response to stakeholder input, CEMEX has incorporated into the project a new screening berm (between the existing processing plant site and residential communities to the north).
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Contra Costa County Clayton Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment
Contra Costa County Clayton Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment
Contra Costa County CEMEX Clayton Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment