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Serrano Water District PFOA/PFAS Treatment Project
The PFAS treatment equipment to be installed as part of the Project will be constructed on an approximately 95-foot by 40- foot concrete pad and would consist of up to twelve (12) GAC or ion exchange filtration vessels measuring approximately 16.5 feet in height and 10.5 feet in diameter. The determination of which filtration technology to use will be made at a later date by SWD Staff after additional pilot testing by OCWD, but either technology will take up approximately the same footprint within the disturbed area of the SWD maintenance yard, and both technologies are anticipated to have similar insignificant environmental impacts. Both technologies would be used to remove PFAS compounds from extracted groundwater. Existing pipelines within the Project site would be reconfigured to connect extraction wells 3 and 5 to the filtration equipment, which would consist of the installation of new 1011 and 12" water lines within the maintenance yard. Construction would be conducted in two phases, with concrete pad construction and pipeline realignment occurring on or after January 2020, and vessel installation occurring in approximately May 2020. Upon completion of the installation of the facilities, screening trees would be planted along the perimeter of the maintenance yard to limit any private aesthetic impacts of the Project. SWD has determined that the Project would have largely temporary minor impacts within an already disturbed footprint that has long been used for the production and treatment of water. The Project does not involve expansion of an existing use, and is therefore eligible for a Class 3 Categorical Exemption pursuant to CEQA Guidelines §§ 15301 and 15303.
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Orange County Water District Serrano PFAS Water Treatment Plant
Serrano Water District Serrano Water District PFOA/PFAS Treatment Project