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Covina Village Project
On August 27, 2020, a Draft EIR was circulated for public review for a prior version of the project (“original project”) referred to as the “Cypress Villas Project.” This original project consisted of a mixture of retail shops and drive through/fast food service businesses on the western portion of the site along the Azusa Avenue frontage and development of 61 single-family detached homes on the eastern portion of the site. The retail component consisted of four buildings, totaling 13,000 square feet of floor area, arranged in three distinct building sites, with two designed to accommodate fast food/drive-through businesses, and two for general retail/commercial tenants. Subsequent to circulation of the Draft EIR and prior to its certification, the proposed development was redesigned and revised as the “Covina Village Project.” Similar to the original project, the revised project proposes a mixture of commercial and residential land uses on the 7.99-acre project site; however, the site plan, commercial uses, and residential unit types have been modified under the revised project. Specifically, under the Covina Village Project, the commercial uses would be developed on the western 2.8 acres of the project site, consisting of a 3,596-square-foot self-service mechanical drive-through car wash (Quick Quack Car Wash), a 950-square-foot coffee shop with drive-through (Dutch Bros. Coffee), and a 3,500-square-foot restaurant with drive-through. The proposed residential development would be located on the eastern 5.1 acres of the project site, consisting of 80 multi-family townhome units, 17 live/work units, common recreational areas and open space, and parking. Based on the new project information presented by the Covina Village Project as the revised development, the City of Covina is recirculating the Draft EIR pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15088.5.
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City of Covina Covina Village Project
City of Covina Covina Village Project
City of Covina Cypress Villas Project
City of Covina 1000 North Azusa Avenue Mixed Use Development