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DRC2018-00176 Balakian & AT&T Mobility Conditional Use Permit (ED20-142)
Hearing to consider a request by Sam Balakian and AT&T Mobility for a Conditional Use Permit (DRC2018-00176) to allow for the construction and operation of a wireless communications facility consisting of eight (8) panel antennas, thirty-six (36) remote radio units, six (6) surge suppression units, two (2) dish antennas and associated equipment and hardware, all within a new 80-foot tall faux monopine tree to be located within a 24-foot 8-inch by 24-foot 8-inch lease area, surrounded by an 8-foot tall wooden fence enclosure. The enclosed lease area also includes a 90-square-foot concrete pad with equipment shelter, A.C. unit and a backup emergency generator. The project will result in the total site disturbance of 5,316.5-square-feet (0.12-acres) of a 37.73-acre parcel. The proposed project is within the Agriculture land use category and is located at 1010 Truesdale Road, approximately 0.7 miles south west of the community of Shandon. The site is in the Shandon-Carrizo Sub Area of the North County Planning Area. This Mitigated Negative Declaration (“MND”) was sent to the State Clearing House (California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research) on November 27, 2019 (SCH#2019110571) and is being recirculated to modify the project location and type of design. The project was heard before the Planning Commission on January 9, 2020 and was continued to allow the applicant time to provide an alternative onsite location for the wireless facility. This MND contains a revised project description and alternative location to change the design from a 50-foot faux water tank to an 80-foot faux monopine tree. The new location proposed is 45 feet west of the onsite residence. The proposed project will result in the disturbance, by approximately 2,000-square-feet. The Aesthetic Resources section describes the new design and includes mitigation measures to ensure the monopine looks real and blends in with the surrounding vegetation. The recirculated document contains amendments to Air Quality, Biological Resources, Hydrology and Water Quality, and Utilities and Services in response to the design changes.
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San Luis Obispo County DRC2018-00176 Balakian & AT&T Mobility Conditional Use Permit (ED20-142)
San Luis Obispo County DRC2018-00176 Balakian & AT&T Mobility Conditional Use Permit (ED20-142)
San Luis Obispo County Balakian & AT&T Mobility Conditional Use Permit DRC2018-00176 (ED19-269)