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Circle Green "Green Tech" Project
The proposed project is located at the former Meadowbrook Dairy within an unincorporated portion of San Bernardino County, within the PPHCSD's service area. Circle Green leases the project site from PPHCSD. The proposed Green Tech Park facility would be a fully permitted Compost Manufacturing Facility that will comply with all State, and local requirements and be designed and operated to responsibly and safely manage the proposed feedstocks. The compost facility will utilize at least one, if not all of the three existing concrete pads that traverse the site from the southern border to the northern border of the site, and may develop additional concreted areas on site in support of the Green Tech Park operations. The Green Tech Park will utilize an existing office building that includes an attached equipment warehouse, existing shower/ restroom facilities as well an employee lunch room. The project site also contains an equipment warehouse, which may be utilized for the purpose of bagging a portion of the finished product. The Green Tech Park does not propose any new structures, and is anticipated to be in operation about 3-6 months after the start of construction in mid-2019. The daily throughput capacity of the proposed Green Tech Park facility would be a maximum of 1,800 tons per day and the majority of the materials received would be green materials, local cow manures, and food waste. Initially, the Green Tech Park will receive mostly vegetative material; however, Circle Green plans to ultimately accept post-consumer waste and digester digestate, though the proposed Green Tech Park facility will not accept biosolids (i.e. human waste/raw sewage). The materials on site will be composted via a windrow composting method or, alternatively by aerated static pile composting depending on the feasibility of implementing either method as part of the Green Tech Park. Once in operation, it is anticipated the Green Tech Park will receive a maximum of 95 truckloads of food, manure, green waste and amendments per day, 7 days per week, some operations, such as deliveries may occur 24 hours a day. Finished products would then be transported offsite in mainly in bulk quantities, or bagged on site.
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Phelan Pinon Hills Community Service District CIRCLE GREEN "GREEN TECH" PROJECT
Phelan Pinon Hills Community Service District Circle Green "Green Tech" Project