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Morgan Hill Technology Center Mixed Use Project
The commercial and industrial components of the project are currently configured in six parcels totaling approximately 61 acres, with Commercial and Commercial/Industrial General Plan designations, and located within three zoning districts: PUD Highway Commercial (CH), Administrative Office (CO), and PUD Light Industrial (IL). The applicant proposes to reconfigure the property into eight legal lots (one commercial, six commercial/industrial parcels controlled by the applicant, and one existing commercial/industrial parcel not controlled by the applicant); reduce the Commercial General Plan designation area and increase the Commercial/Industrial General Plan designation area through a General Plan Amendment (File No. GPA2019-0002); and establish a Planned Development (PD) Combining District over the commercial and industrial project area through a Zoning Amendment (File No. ZA2019-0005). Figure 2.2-1 shows the existing and proposed general plan designations at the project site. Figure 2.2-2 shows the proposed build-out of the project with General Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment areas. The residential component of the project is approximately 28 acres with an existing General Plan designation of Residential Attached Low (6-16 du/ac). No formal land use entitlement applications are currently on file, and this portion of the project is being evaluated at a programmatic level for a maximum of 319 single-family detached and attached units. The future development of this land is reasonably foreseeable given the existing land use designation and zoning, and the proposed roadway and other infrastructure improvements discussed below would be available to serve this property, and therefore this EIR analyzes and discloses the effects of the whole project (i.e. industrial, commercial, and residential). As further discussed in Section, only preliminary plans and no formal development applications were on file with the City at the time the EIR was prepared. The residential component is, therefore, analyzed at a programmatic rather than project level. (See NOC for full details)
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City of Morgan Hill Morgan Hill Technology Center Mixed Use Project
City of Morgan Hill Morgan Hill Technology & Mixed-Use Residential Project