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DWR is proposing to install six new seepage recovery wells (RW-1 through RW-6) parallel to and approximately 50 feet to 100 feet northeast of Ramona Expressway and south of Perris Dam. Each recovery well would be approximately 16 to 24 inches in diameter and would be spaced approximately 250 feet to 500 feet apart. Well depths would vary from 200 feet to 300 feet based on the depth to bedrock. Wells RW-1 through RW-5 would be constructed mainly along a portion of the State Recreation Area (SRA) that has been graded and contains sparse vegetation. Well RW-6 would be located within an existing, paved storage area. Up to five recovery wells would be in operation at one time, while the sixth well would be used as auxiliary in case wells are offline for maintenance or mechanical failure. It is estimated that each well would yield between approximately 870 and 970 gallons per minute (approximately 1,406–1,563 AFY). All six recovery wells would tie into the proposed conveyance pipeline. The recovery wells would be located either below-or aboveground. The final well selection design will be made based on geology and hydrology criteria. All six recovery wells would generally have the same appearance and require aboveground structures just south of the Perris Dam.
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California Department of Water Resources (DWR) LAKE PERRIS SEEPAGE RECOVERY PROJECT
California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Laker Perris Seepage Recovery Project