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ENV16-0007 (Eastern Recycled Water System Project)
The proposed project includes the installation of approx 2.20 linear miles of 8-in to 20-in diameter recycled water pipeline to distribute recycled water to the growers surrounding Hogback Reservoir. The City's Hogback Reservoir is an above-ground tank with a capacity of 1.2 mg that is being converted from potable water to recycled that will be produced at the city's planned Membrane Filtration/Reverse Osmosis (MFRO) Facility. The piping would be black high-density polyethylene fusion welded pipe with a 4-in purple stripe along its length. The piping would be installed below ground, except for seven pipe bridges across various drainages. The below ground sections would have three-ft min cover and be installed per the city's standard detail. Aboveground-ground segments would include pre-engineered pipe bridges. The bridge would be anchored by concrete bridge piers at the edge of the drainage. The depth would vary up to 1 ft deep. Blow-off valves would be small diameter (6-in or less) and installed at the ends of dead and reaches and at the low points in the system. Air and vacuum valves would be less than 4 in and installed at the high points in the system. The proposed distribution system will generally provide new recycled water connections and meters to serve non-potable irrigation demands. New recycled water meters matching the size of the existing irrigation meters would be installed as close as practical to replace the existing. New onsite irrigation piping would be installed from the new meters to connect the existing irrigation system to the recycled water supply. Existing potable water connections and meters would be disconnected from the irrigation system but would remain in place for future uses.
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City of Escondido Recycled Water Easterly Agriculture Distribution System
City of Escondido "Recycled Water Easterly Agriculture Distribution System" ENV16-0007
City of Escondido ENV16-0007 (Eastern Recycled Water System Project)