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Outfront Media Billboard Replacement Project
The project sponsor, Outfront Media, proposes to install two new electronic billboards and remove 8 existing billboards located in central Alameda County along two freeway corridors. The new billboard proposed on Arbor site is located between Arbor Ave and I-880 on parcel APN 429-77-33-4. The new billboard proposed on Langton site is located at the end of a Langton Way in a cul-de-sac adjacent to I-238. The new LED displays on the billboards would be a flag design structure mounted on a support column. Billboard construction would require 2 to 4 weeks to complete. The billboards slated for removal would have their poles cut at ground level; only the aboveground portion of the billboard structures would be removed, while the subsurface foundation would remain. The removal of the billboard would require approx 2 weeks.
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Alameda County Outfront Media Billboards Replacement Project
Alameda County Outfront Media Billboard Replacement Project