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39 Kirkpatrick Drive, 5-Lot Subdivision, County File #SD17-9465
The applicant is requesting approval of a 5-lot Vesting Tentative Map. The proposed tentative map identifies 5 lots ranging in size from 8,250 to 12,346 sq. ft. in area. The project includes a variance request for a 0-foot setback where 20 feet is required for the purposes of constructing a 5-foot tall retaining wall on/between lots #4 and #5. 1,050 total cubic yards of soil will be graded and balanced on-site in order to create the building pads, roadway and related subdivision improvements. The removal of 14 trees and work within the dripline of 7 other trees will be necessary to construct the project. The project also includes an exemption request from County Ordinance Code, Division 914, Chapter 914-2.004 to be relieved of the off-site collect and convey requirements. The subject property is located at 39 Kirkpatrick Drive in the El Sobrante area (Zoning: R-7 Single-Family Residential District) (Parcel Numbers: 430-161-020 and 021).
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
Department of Conservation 39 Kirkpatrick Drive 5-Lot Subdivision-Vesting Tentative Map
Department of Conservation 39 Kirkpatrick Drive, 5-Lot Subdivision, County File #SD17-9465

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