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Talone Lake Vector Habitat Remediation Project
The project is proposed to reduce mosquito breeding habitat within an existing stock pond that collects urban and storm water runoff from the portion of the site that currently supports dense cattails and stagnant water and redistribute sediments to restore adjacent wetland habitat. The channel would connect existing upstream storm drain outflows to an existing downstream discharge structure. The project would help inhibit the widespread growth of marsh vegetation, reduce the area of potential mosquito breeding habitat, and help the system function more like deep open water channels with adjacent wetland habitats. Existing marsh areas outside the limits of the proposed channel would be raised and reshaped using the accumulated sediments removed during excavation of the channel, and would be planted with southern riparian forest vegetation. Two flow management zones located in existing southern riparian forest that would be temporarily impacted during project construction would be replanted with a sparse southern riparian forest plant palette, to facilitate flow and access for long-term maintenance in these areas. Replacement of erosion protection at the existing storm drain outfall structures would fill the existing scour holes to inhibit growth of marsh vegetation, stabilize downstream areas, and provide improved connections to the proposed channel. Post-construction maintenance and biological monitoring of the restoration effort would occur over five years, following completion of plant installation. The project would avoid existing upland mitigation areas within the property.
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City of Oceanside Talone Lake Habitat Restoration Project - 2020
City of Oceanside Talone Lake Vector Habitat Remediation Project