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Cuvaison Winery Use Permit Major Modification #P16-00146
Use permit major modification to an existing 340,000 gallon per year winery to allow: a) construct a 2,860 sf office within the existing barrel building; b) upgrading of existing wastewater system and associated infrastructure consistent with county code to include 1 additional 2,500 gallon septic tank and dispersal field expansion; c) increase daily tours and tastings from 75 persons per day, 525 person per week max to 180 per day, 1,260 visitors max per week; d) a marketing program; e) on premises consumption of wines produced on site in outdoor patio area; f) increase on site employees from 10 full time employees and 12 harvest season employees to 28 full time employees and 34 harvest season employees; g) increase parking spaces from 23 spaces to 34 spaces; h) change the winery's tasting room hours of operation from 10 am to 7 pm; i) installation of a left turn lane on Duhig Road at project's access driveway and paving and striping at intersection of Duhig Rd and SR 12-221; and j) deletion of condition of approval number 2.
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Napa County Cuvaison Winery Use Permit Major Modification No. P16-00146-MOD
Napa County Cuvaison Winery Use Permit Major Modification #P16-00146