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Pacheco Boulevard Sidewalk Gap Closure Phase III
CDFW has executed Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2017-0545-R3, pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to Contra Costa County Public Works Dept., as represented by Steve Kowalewski. Project activities authorized by this Agreement include closing a 70-foot gap in the sidewalk along Pacheco Boulevard. The gap will be closed by extending the existing 8-foot by 7-foot concrete box culvert where Vine Hill Creek flows under Pacheco Blvd. The culvert will be extended approx. 31 feet to the north to allow Pacheco Boulevard to be widened approx. 27 feet, which would allow for the continuation of the bike lane, parking lane and sidewalk to be constructed across Vine Hill Creek. Compacted fill will be added along the culvert sides to conform to existing trade. In addition, approx. 23 linear feet of new concrete will be installed along the existing culvert bottom to prevent further erosion of the creek bed. The existing grouted rip-rap along the creek banks north of the existing endwall downstream will be removed and replace with the extended culvert. The work at the downstream end of the culvert will include placement of loose rip-rap at the distance and depth determined to be necessary to protect against future scour. Approx. 18 cubic yards of new rip-rap will be placed up to 10 linear feet downstream from the new box culvert to stabilize the creek banks and bed.
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Contra Costa County Pacheco Boulevard Sidewalk Gap CLosure Phase III Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2017-0545-R3)
Contra Costa County Pacheco Boulevard Sidewalk Gap Closure Phase III