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Gillum Well Permit Application No. 2017-117
Note: Response to Comments The project includes construction and operation of a groundwater well. The well will be constructed within an area measuring approx 150 by 200 ft, designated as the project site. The well will be drilled to a depth of approx 500 ft. The proposed well will be constructed using approx 12-in diameter steel casing and screen, and will be fitted with a turbine pump capable of a peak pumping rate of approx 1,000 gallons per min. The well will be pumped intermittently during the irrigation season to meet an anticipated within a small shelter and fenced compound, typically measuring approx 10 by 20 ft. A power service line will be extended to the well from an existing PG&E power service line to a well approx 200 ft south of the well site. Wooden power poles would be installed to extend power service to the well. Access will be provided by unimproved dirt access that extends from East Sonora Rd along the southern side of the property. The access path will be approx 200 ft long and approx 10 ft wide.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Stanislaus County Gillum Well Permit Application No. 2017-117
Stanislaus County Well Permit Application No. 2017-117 for Larry Gillum, Agircultural Well
Stanislaus County Gillum Well Permit Application No. 2017-117