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Change in Point of Delivery Agreement Among the Department of Water Resources of the State of California, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, an
DWR, MWDSC, and Santa Barbara County Flood Control and Water Conservation District have entered into an unbalanced water exchange agreement. SWPAO #17001 allows an exchange of up to 1,000 af of Santa Barbara's approved 2017 SWP Table A water with MWDSC and for the return of a portion of MWDSC's future approved SWP Table A water to Santa Barbara equal to one-half of the total amount delivered to MWDSC, less 15 % losses. At MWDSC's request, the water received from Santa Barbara will be delivered to Strand Ranch for storage and future return to MWDSC's service area, rather than directly from the Delta MWDSC's service area. Under SWPAO #17002, DWR will deliver MWDSC's SWP water acquired from Santa Barbara via SWPAO #17001 to KCWA's turnouts in Reach 12E of the California Aqueduct for storage in Strand Ranch and future return to MWDSC.
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California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Cont.: and Kern County Water Agency for the Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District/Irvine Ranch Water District Water Banking and Exchange Program (SWPAO#1700