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3rd Street and 5th Street Corridor Improvements Project
The San Manual Band of Mission Indians (Tribe), in conjunction with the Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA), and the City of Highland (City), desire to improve existing roadway and infrastructure conditions for 3rd Street/5th Street and several intersecting local roadway segments in the City of Highland. Within the project limits, trucks hauling concrete, sand, and gravel - especially along Palm Avenue and 5th Street - heavily use the existing roadway network. These truck loads co-mingle with passenger vehicles on 5th Street, which is one of only two State Route 210 (SR-210) freeway access routes to and from SR-210 for improved circulation in Highland's Business Park and Industrial Districts near the San Bernardino International Airport. Existing roadway Pavement Condition Index (PCI) varies within the Project limits from very poor (39 PCI) to very good (100 PCI). The project improvements will enhance the multi-modal flow of traffic on the area circulation system (vehicle traffic, pedestrian and bicycle) and substantially increase safety on the affected roadways. Upon Project completion all pavement within Project limits will have a PCI of 100. Additionally, there are currently significant gaps in the pedestrian network along the roadways including within the Project. The Project will construct 1.1 miles of new sidewalks and ramps for pedestrian safety and convenience. The project includes the following: removal and reconstruction of existing deteriorated pavements; widening of existing pavements, rehabilitation of existing pavements, intersection realignment, construction of a new intersection, construction of a raised center median, construction of dedicated turn-lanes, traffic signal modifications, construction of storm drain improvements and appurtenances, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lights, bike lanes, pavement markings, signage, and routine and ordinary utility adjustments.
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City of Highland 3rd Street and 5th Street Corridor Improvements Project
City of Highland 3rd Street and 5th Street Corridor Improvements Project