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City of Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program (Project)
Under the proposed Project, the City would adopt a new uncodified ordinance to revise the way sidewalk repairs undertaken pursuant to the Settlement are reviewed and approved, with a primary goal of streamlining the Settlement implementation process. The key components of the ordinance include: • A ministerial approval process to enable sidewalk repair projects falling within certain specified parameters to proceed upon approval by the City Engineer or a designee, without undergoing further environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); • A streamlined discretionary approval process by the City Engineer or a designee for sidewalk repair projects falling outside the specific parameters for a ministerial sidewalk repair approval; • A revised Street Tree Retention, Removal and Replacement Policy establishing a 2:1 street tree replacement to removal ratio requirement for years 1-10, 3:1 for years 11-21, and 2:1 for years 22-30, and; • Mandatory Project Design Features (PDFs) generally consisting of regulatory compliance measures and standard construction conditions and procedures.
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City of Los Angeles City of Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program (Project)
City of Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program