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Mast Park
The City of Santee proposes improvements to the existing mast Park that would enhance existing facilities, replace outdated facilities and add new features to accommodate the long-term expectations of the community. Due to changing building codes and requirements set forth by the ADA, in addition to normal wear through the years, the project proposes to remove the outdated and worn park facilities. Project features would include a new, prefabricated restroom facility, prefabricated disc golf concession building, disc golf course, an extended paved parking lot that would accommodate an additional 41 parking spaces, new play structures, shade structures, park benches, picnic tables, informative signage, basketball court, and fencing. The existing paved meandering trails throughout the open space would be removed and replaced with walkable and bike friendly disintegrated granite surfacing and lodge pole fencing. On the easterly side of the project site, the proposed trails would connect to the San Diego River in Julian, CA, completing approx. 0.4 miles of the overall trail that is envisioned to someday stretch the entire length of the river to the Pacific Ocean. Construction is anticipated to take approx. 12 months to complete, during which time portions or all of the Mast Park may be closed to the public. All construction work, staging, and storage of construction materials would be contained within the project study area, which includes all areas within Park boundaries and small adjacent areas where temporary construction easements may be necessary.
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City of Santee Mast Park Improvement Project
City of Santee Mast Park