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Bloodlines LLC Soda Canyon Vineyard #P16-00323-ECPA
The proposed project involves earthmoving activities on slopes greater than 5% in connection with the development of 83.1 net acres of vineyard within 102.6 gross acres (project site) on the approx 278.4 acre property. The 102.6 gross acres includes vineyard avenues that would be constructed around each of the proposed vineyard blocks and rock stockpile areas. Vineyard development activities include: removal of brush, trees, and associated vegetation within proposed clearing limits; blasting, soil ripping, and rock removal; installing erosion control measures; improvement of existing and construction of new roads; trenching for irrigation and storm drain pipelines; installation of trellis system; and installation of an approx 8-ft tall deer fence around vineyard blocks or block clusters.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Napa County Bloodlines, LLC Vineyard Conversion
Napa County Bloodlines LLC Soda Canyon Vineyard #P16-00323-ECPA
Napa County Bloodlines LLC Soda Canyon Vineyard #P16-00323-ECPA